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When I work with watercolors, everything relaxes.I sit by my desk, take the brush in my hand and dip it in the water container.I hear the mixing of the water and the knocking of the brush against the glass, and that's it. Everything is quiet. From that moment on, I hear nothing but the swishing sound of the brush as it slides on the paper.I have been painting since I was 15, and it has always felt like the only place where I can really express myself. Creative processes give me great pleasure and satisfaction, but only after discovering the world of watercolors was I able to also experience the silent quality of painting. I could let go of the expectations I have from myself as an artist, and just paint.It led to an immediate connection. I became curious to experiment with and explore the painting process. It turned out to be my biggest pleasure. Giving in to the water, watching its movement, listening to its rhythm, moving with it, giving it time to absorb on the paper, waiting patiently until something is revealed, and then watching amazed as the revelation appears before me.Mysterious as they may be, watercolors are my haven in this world. They take me to a magical place, with a dream-like quality, which teaches me to let go and trust the painting process whose beginning is unknown, but at the end contains an understanding and acceptance of everything that is exposed.Nice to meet you, I am Edna Chen Azar, 42 years old, live in Pardes Hanna, Israel, with my spouse, Tomer. We have a two-year-old boy named Liroy. I am happy to share my art with you. Here, you can get inspired, order a print of your favorite painting, and receive updates about the workshops you can join to experience this magic and therapy.

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